Thursday, September 15, 2011

poem: sacrilege bold

able-bodied midstream dithering,
handcrafted barrier islands,

indigenous malingering

professional zealotry

the long arms of worry

calculate the mistimed sacrilege

bold new warriors in

the blind soup,

nomenclature rifled,

crispy critter inundations

the noble fest wreaks

havoc in the wayward mists:

go west, go underground

ancient of daze, angle

your tide-worthy ass

up the festival kissfest

of winsome gerrymandering:

that's soulmandering, you

nebulous fool, it isn't the wonder

of it all that
makes me sweat,
it's the regal touch, the nods

to diamond lives

best sequestered in the blaze

of your furious demise,

frost feathers gathering

potion #9 looping

your mongrel avalanche

the jasmine fates

will linger past 9, &

then fading,

insinuate the amplitude

of your curious





Friday, September 02, 2011

poem: side the tender

for esther

Heading to Nada tomorrow

sampling the road-weary pilgrims,

dodging the sheer cliffs of fate,

tangled sunflower sympathies

angling for the better view

deus ex machina that
whimpers beyond the bass notes,

in the dire dreams,

straits of gilbraltar,

over the top

disarray, but you

need the secrecy,

the solace of

one time past all

return &

by your side

the tender touch

of a smooth talisman,

calculated oblivion:

this was the last time she

entered the web of

the black prism,

forgiveness down

the arroyos of desire,

bastion of final

exacerbations, nether

possibilities of the ancient