Saturday, August 27, 2011

poem: roundly we can hear

for wsb

yellow-haired girl calls
his name twice,
flips it in the air
like angular salsa,
bewitching the silences
in his head,
this curiouser of elegant
mammals, a vigilante
panda-bear of cushy
intensity, the oval
of nights you will find,
the care with which they
will find you too, baby bear,
all your vigorous
plim plom plum
hiding - but not too
generously, not too roundly,
we can hear your trumpets
calling, twixt the din of escape,
the patter of avalanches
in cerebral netherclimes:
you can accentuate,
you can contemplate,
you can dive under the regress
of your caveman blunders,
your sensitive tide-bearing eves
of consequence; calibrated
youth bears down with a dance
that mirrors the very notions
you malinger, the body's weakening
hindrances, the heart's
filé gumbo, bop
till you drop,
teeny bopper in the whispering hazies,
capitulations in the kiss-on-your-listing,
epiphany in the south 40,
edification for your Tinkerbell salivations,
quicksilver messengers in the glimpse of your
dressy casual
fit for the Elvis chapel glance.


Friday, August 12, 2011

poem: cosmetic blue down

big baleful bowl of brown-eyed salary
the kiss and tell mythic edges

singeing the palisades

selkie cliffs skimming

by the missing riddles

i keep my sensible fashions


diverticular asymmetries, castaway

chops in the regal latitudes

velvet horn in your ear

can turn a phrase faster

than the fishy cheesy

presence in the Eyes of gods

down the Basse bus stops

filigreed digitation, if you

were asking the fools

to the right and left

you'd feel the evidence


the situation settled out

& striped through

the compound vagaries

the distal cheeseheads

the cosmetic blue

down your bedroom lanes

& you might ask

& you might tell

but the general's widow

has vaguer plans afoot

& she's halfway up

your juicy dissertations

inside out

becomes the only way

to bring it back

to sing a furry tune

a sizing merrily forgot

tell me one more time

is the lissome true

imperil me with a glistening


cash me in and skip

on down

your merry road.