Thursday, September 15, 2011

poem: sacrilege bold

able-bodied midstream dithering,
handcrafted barrier islands,

indigenous malingering

professional zealotry

the long arms of worry

calculate the mistimed sacrilege

bold new warriors in

the blind soup,

nomenclature rifled,

crispy critter inundations

the noble fest wreaks

havoc in the wayward mists:

go west, go underground

ancient of daze, angle

your tide-worthy ass

up the festival kissfest

of winsome gerrymandering:

that's soulmandering, you

nebulous fool, it isn't the wonder

of it all that
makes me sweat,
it's the regal touch, the nods

to diamond lives

best sequestered in the blaze

of your furious demise,

frost feathers gathering

potion #9 looping

your mongrel avalanche

the jasmine fates

will linger past 9, &

then fading,

insinuate the amplitude

of your curious






Blogger Teresa said...

Love the crispy critter inundations with angled tide-worthy asses wriggling in winsome gerrymanders (not to mention slithy toves) and soulmandering salamanders dancing and prancing in the flames of the best sequestered blaze, so hot it turns to ice and produces an avalance of frosty mongrel centipedes. (Want to eat a chocolate-covered cockroach?)

11:41 PM  
Blogger anno said...

This might be my anthem these days. Or at least, there ought to be a t-shirt heralding those bold new warriors/ in the blind soup. Liked all of it, but maybe especially the call to:

"go west, go underground
ancient of daze, angle
your tide-worthy ass
up the festival kissfest
of winsome gerrymandering"

Made creaky folk like myself smile.

9:12 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Anno: Creaky you ain't, girl, though I am happy to oblige with t-shirt fodder. These little babies have to sneak in through all my teachery ambitions these days; glad when they do.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Dee Martin said...

an artist who could handcraft barrier islands would deserve a little malingering doncha think? I couldn't pick out my favorite lines and phrases - there are just too many. I could find something juicy in almost every line (though like Anne, I am creaky and would wear one of those t-shirts)
nomenclature rifled
ancient of daze (that made me smile)
sequestered in the blaze of your furious demise? Lapis Lazuli!
curious intrepid mortality rate (bean counters will never sort that out)

I hope you are having a spectacular year in urchinasia!

6:03 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Ms Dee: So late in getting back to you on this. Indeed having a wonderful time in urchinasia, but man, am I working more this year. My own (intentional) fault, but all is very good. Glad these things still manage to slip through the cranial nooks.

4:18 PM  

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