Saturday, April 30, 2011

poem: unleashing the wonder

for amy and mateo

All the honeybutter

mingled with glimpses

yearning the midnights

& applemornings

May – may? – nay,
accumulate in the simplest of

twinning twining souls

thee to she & he


earth babies, answering calls—

worldwide blossoming

Tapping the wunderkinder in your

aring to go: she
asked out of deepest asking

imminent blessings

permutations of a calculus

saturated with

incandescent wonder:

never the solitary wayfaring ways

gather your blooms to bosoms

Entwined: sample your treasures

under a lambent sky

reeling with the splendor

of epistolary, of

prescient, of

evergreening, evermarveling, everseeing, itchycoo-gleaming—thunder


Saturday, April 23, 2011

one word: iron: fishy tales

collapsing rhymes, this
iron resolution riddles

the sublime

tickles the ivory

vagrants in they

classy lil jibes:

answer the blistered

options: i crammed

for the last time, all

rumors to the con



one word: styrofoam2: wound time

dim sum
organic chemistry misses
the point, if pointing
is your bliss, point west
she misses the point all
the time: grasp the tear,
animate the wound
time gathers you to
her womb.


Friday, April 22, 2011

one word: styrofoam: signs of liquid

delilah's mean flavors
gathering storm in the foamy

mouths of billy-babes

we fashion our times

in the biomes of the west

we sense the demise

of nautical pleasures

we ape the rim

angle for the rival's

exposure, coasting down

the vital signs

of liquid treasure.


one word: foreign: boogie that

tangle your groove, mister
split them infinitives

like it’s rapture

simple is the best

pesto, she

asked twice & you

gave only once:

hardly the quota you

wuz after, now wuz it.

shimmer this way, boogie

that: biblical negotiations will

ever ensue: you needn’t

lose sleep over that one:

that one left her mark

long after the gold



poem: optics gather

astral barbecue
blender maze

time best spent in

otherdreams of your

other's other

dipshit qualities down

the esplanade

snugging your harbor

circumventing the glassy

eye, the vernal twins,

the seasonal vine,

the glad-to-see-you

inventory man,

she of the cobalt de-

colletage, a crimson

glory even you won't

want to miss,

this friday morn, in your

thursday's nougat

insensate wonder,

a boogieland express,

the ground opens to reveal

vestiges of your twelfth

dream, the one that began

after your bus-missing life

ascended to the purgatory

of apple climes, is it any

wonder we roam

blissfully blissful,

taming the baby kibbles

robbed of their moony

faces, clammering little

gummi bear lounge lizards

get out your lizardpants, boy,

ain't the spaztec quadrants

nuff wonder for your

tangerine striations

i seem to remember

that night

that semblance

that next to me sen-

sation stemming the tides

of your distal agonies

the twerky chasms

blow wider with casual

dreams, they sleep wide

the emerald doors

you can forget the optics

gather the pins

invigorate little miss missy's

intelligence while she

renegotiates the summer



one word: foreign: Demeter pleasures

slick pasting the galaxies
i wonder

i wait for the next digression

I infatuate beyond plenty

seven times the seven dreams

of these foreign times

ask your eternal questions

in the next Demeter, pleasing

pleasure paints

the least of your worries . . .


Thursday, April 21, 2011

poem: these variant times

girded loins &
videotaped hullabaloo

this blue rivals the six

means to heaven

a passionate delegation

of missteps,

conjurer's arts mangle

the magnetic pose

i rival the colors

of seven munchkins

lost in revelry

the mighty Oz

gathered his storms to meet

the Sumatrans

little clicky clock


violating the rules

of engagement

I'll bring you home

the skies weep the timeliness

of these variant times

evening the odds

as past lives carry

the motives,

marry the intentions

of lamb-chewing postulants

savoring the minty

fields, retiring Busbys

accentuating the positives

cost/benefit analyses

inside the lines

outside the city limits

overturning vagrant laws

in the downtown of

uptown heavens

you cast your fates

she angles for less

than a favorable return

downtrodden interest rate

interests her more

a shuffle-boogie charts

west of the naked side

phosphorescent Lizzie on

the loose, ambling

by, calibrating your

fall &




Saturday, April 09, 2011

poem: last to query

(Ally donated the opening line . . . )

give me a disaster

well-toned, heart-blistered
desire in the darkest tombs
a casual dissemination
of all that crawls
the darkest halls
in any way
the roads will wander
love gasping
for the simplest of breaths
tsunami castaways
we fall for the last & only
the carrion blessed
the righteous mess
of his glowing divisions
I ask & the answers
evade the blue
mirrors, the suffering
ground upon which
we stand, shifting
sands, you were the last
to query the winds
darkness burnished
first light
tremors of the least
of your angels
spreading so quickly
knowing the lost
the trusting soul
in diminishing fifths
take your golden
to the flea bag hotel
cry eyes and hearts out
the rhythm tenders
the last will gather you
the perils will
stab through the bluest
dreams, leaving
grace as your only
raining daughter.


Saturday, April 02, 2011

poem by attrition

Poem for a contest, "carved" out of the paragraph at the Crazy Horse journal link:

Bullwinkle’s Serenade

Clear talking:
I'm trying to say
a little-known moose,
blissfully honeymooning—
wee pants I encounter,
and fire,
all the things one does is not
a gay hideaway,
a Porta-John:
I am proud to say it is
the opposite.


Friday, April 01, 2011

poem: the honeybees have it

filial junebugs
cockroach filaments

gazing down the long

cool road

episodic filibusters

in the whether ways

castigated soups of processed


(Mother Velveeta)

intimations of immortality in

the back rows

genocide orphans, fabricated

ne'er do well

the vigorous pie

eclipsed mamasita's

artesian well:

if you

measure the seismic

waves, spaghetti

western minutiae

Bobo the Fool

with his castanets

netting port o' potties

in Port au Prince

the rakish blonde

mango tacos in a blue

6 Couer d' Alene

epistolary magic,

trident emissaries,





on the cheap.