Monday, April 16, 2007


chopped blue banana sea
mashed behind frozen architecture

the ladders were drowning (&
we with them)

O, so joyous this
myth of visionary blue, red
between the lines
aviary of the dying breed
crème brulee in the sugar domes

for free
for free
for free
for me:

This ocean between us curdles, &
the last, the very last
time tells not:

not now
not then
not within the blink of an eye

in my most secure moments, quite often the phrase

nevermore: she was an anvil
black raven dead

in shades of green

& the willow stands tall
"& after the gold rush you too
will fall"

to itchygoo park, that’s where I’ll be

night will rescue,
night will bless
night will wrest vision from the earth.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby Cinematic

I stole it, thanks—
an even bigger jerk:

down by the wayside,
jive at the dump,

chariots of fire—
typical male belligerence,

Nineveh in the waves.
My usual Monday:

opposites cannot sit together:
innocence cannot track:

it’s the dark side, baby—
cinematic croutons &

all that jazz,
crooning past midnight,

into the junkyard dog
of righteous yapping noon.

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Birds of a Feather

Revolution dogs
Subject to change
The new riverside
Shakespeare on the beach, concave
Common misconception of these gatherings
There should be no
Fees to attend. On
The fold
Pelicans are roosting,
Lunch in the usual habit,
Refuse (noun) in the usual way.

[freshmores be writing now...]

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Saturday, April 07, 2007


Blundering Bedros:
After wisdom’s retreat,
Your acts of defiant grace—

Impetuous, exuberant;
Ignorance born of
Love and grand miscalculation,

Of and for us as
As we, too, blunder forth
In your brazen

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Rest Dizzened

Ansel, me broo,
Jeremiah leaves first, then
the raisins: whine
while ye must—

into the dinnerware,
the first shall be
last and all that fust:
jewels his eyes, red rock,
come in under, we’ve heard the rest,

dizzened by J Williams and all his
flesh. Camelback, if you will:

a swordy mess, flashburn embryonics.

I will to the hearts of mondo,
still to the whirf of gonzo Malachi.

Amen, me broo, amen:
The roller’s rocked and ready.

[After a hilarious dose of dreamy Berryman]

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