Saturday, April 07, 2012

poem: most worthy

(Thanks to Haley for the first line.)

I wanted to share some purple love in my hair
lavender pools from this limestone vault
The blaze of love's tendrils spilling
wine, spilling the come and go,
the saffron night sequestering
the afterglow, down this weedy
patch of kestrels, this foggy gloom
of minstrel worry, the love
was insistent, the desire
most worthy, anthems
of the deep willing
the poverty of bliss
the accountability of neglect
the kaleidoscope of endurance
we fizzle down our tiny fretty
fates, fattening the misery
a purple lazy haze,
the urge to fly
out-commonsenses the vagaries
of all our purple mysteries
through the Lion's gate
down the reviving withered patch
your hair, my hair, our hair all