Friday, November 25, 2011

poem: ever my tangled

Portuguese Saturdays &
I wanna be a vegemite girl
Heyday visions, the grey highways
Down the deal-making overtures
You make your way through
Blue alleys, gallivanting
The miseries, the Hugos
The Victors, the caveats,
Caviling vestries, blooming
Rooms, glooming blooms
Down the ashstruck walkways:
Cherish your memories, mes amis,
The visions deep-fried,
Freezer-burned into wrists,
Thighs, calves, penetrating the
Deep, the cavalry brigades gathering
For recompense, softening
The heart’s fissures, polar
Perambulations, dreaming the flowered
Adumbrations, I will dream of you,
You dream of me, sample
Scores of halcyon daze
Snide murky murmurs fading,
Easter bonnets de rigueur, as we
Shimmy down the avenues
With bristling prides fading
You were ever my sympathique
You are ever my tangled stream
You will come to be my cantilevered,


Saturday, November 12, 2011

[in the bland absences]

for rachman

in the bland absences
scour a sense of you lost
in blue sapphire time,
time too green
for annoyances,
too blue for heaven's
anvils to hammer
the grilling of a lifetime's
we measured rain
in your departure
and raised Cain
till your return
to the nether,
a bliss burned into
the anthem of you
sung across the hearts
in your visionary
karaoke epiphanies
in the vestal night:
seam the pleasures,
annotate the calculus
of your inert glimpses
down the long Toto
dance of your sly
prancing pony
fiefdoms, heart-theft
of the gentlest possible
calliope'd highway:
I wager more now
in your passing
than the simplest veins
you offer - veins
of gold, of silver,
of dogged limestone night:
sample me
a questing fool in your
this too shall pass
& the thrifty cares
will burgeon,
calling forth,
in the end,
your silly