Friday, December 16, 2011

poem: all lit up like

my reindeer husband & I be
so fly:
ain't every day
the president of Mongolia
comes callin' down
your chimney,
shuckin' and jivin'
the peace signs
of frivolity -
them Mongols be
a righteous boogie
bunch -
isn't it a pity
the muzzlin' we waste
on nasty house calls,
prank-callin' the Vatican
& all them dismal
sundry sorts:
get out your
seventies platforms,
get the boogie
on out - Mongol
train is comin', betta
get on board,
shimmy, sure it's
all a gimmie,
a give and takin'
y'all know we
big in Finland -
Finnish we -
catawamping zoot suits
I tole ya we wuz
the hoi polloi,
the cashmere brigade
all lit up like we
got diamonds on our
you know where,
no wash and wear
tribal goofballs, we
righteous thangs,
merry fangs in our
we strut,
so whut?
you try our bliss
you be struttin' 2:
Aslan, king o' lions,
but we be kings
& queens