Thursday, June 05, 2008

You'd Think the Crinkly Wrinkles Would Give It Away...

The dangers of a Scorpio on summer vacation: ridiculous obsessions galore. Sez Lauren Santo Domingo: "Just who is this Sarah Parker Jessica? Can I buy her?" (Apologies to Borat.)

Okay, I'm done with it. Time for more fodder. Time to get back to Neil Gaiman's
Anansi Boys. I'll behave. I'll try to behave. "I'm being 'haved'," said the cute kid in "Cinderella Man." Good movie, by the way. In some of my classes, we ask ourselves if we're being 'haved.' In others, we don't have to ask: we know that we are not. (Olivier, the designer of the Reynold's Wrap, is the deer in the headlights holding onto the dress' first, ahem, occupant. [Editor's Note: second occupant, as it turns out. Lindsay got there first.])

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Blogger Mjinga said...

This, the forward post, and the one following after all remind me of an article I saw in the staff lounge one time. The writers were saying that one celebrity adored her shoes, and another liked her gold lame bag very, very much. They knew, because each one had worn the item in question (cue drumroll) three times!

I should like to have the money to wear my shoes only three times. But not the fame to have people notice.

Anansi Boys is one of Gaiman's best. Certainly one of his most cheerful.

Oh, and from the comments on your other post? Ehle's Pride and Prejudice was better, and finally! Someone who's watched Roan Inish that isn't me !

12:18 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Mjinga: Gaiman is a great new find: I'm considering Anansi Boys for my fall high school English classes.

NO WAY will I debate the Prides with you. I ended up liking both very much, for different reasons: I was initially prejudiced against Keira's P&P because up until then I had little regard for her as an actress: I thought she was wonderful. But in truth Ehle's P&P was finer, given its slower and broader development. I resisted that version initially (I saw Keira's first) because of Firth: I was afraid he would be far too glib for Darcy, wouldn't be able to show the vulnerabilities Macfayden showed: I was wrong: Firth's Darcy grew on me. An embarrassment of riches.

Roan Inish is probably just below Sense and Sensibility on my wife's list of favorite movies.

Thanks for visiting again.

5:36 PM  

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