Sunday, April 13, 2008


It's a few years old, but today it's for ALT and the ravens.

[take out]

all kinds of tacos she sez
and i am –
all kinds cast off
out of egypt full of chorizo
and beans and huevos con papas
no light no fire
un gordito full of shame and loss
whose arms whose sighs
to the corner of brazos and el paso
a cross to bear lightly
to bring to the wall
a tiny candle, cinnamon stick
café con leche am i
pan dulce on grey morn
aftertaste, afterthought
pico de gallo. menudo. barbacoa.
handmade for christmas

mary sighs from across the street
calls in her order
breasts flowing she must keep up
her strength
i see them gathering her plates
tiny cups of salsa
in blue paper
blue of her stained glass
blue of her stained heart
blue taquito tears

find a home she sez
sister juanita in the lime green dress
will be your guide
take the broom, sweep the floor
angels will dust your feet
light the candles for all the milagritos
ancient of daze
ancient of heart
guadalupanita’s piñata
guadalupanita’s fiery little treat

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Blogger alt said...

“blue taquito tears”

“angels will dust your feet”

Ah yes, I’ve had a case of both of those. You’re welcome to fly with me and the boys anytime. Muchas gracias! Mas cerveza por favor!


9:20 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

You are most welcome, Ms Bones. Most welcome.

10:50 PM  

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