Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dulcineas All

The Venerable Lady Nefarious has bestowed the Giant Tilting Vowel upon me for Excellence in Blogcasting. I’m honored to have received this from the Lady Nefarious, my long lost cousin from the Land of the Roll, Damn, Tide. Just when you think she’s probably dropped all evidence of ever having been a Bama Girl, she let’s fly with the tidal mantras deeply embedded in her DNA. The Fey Santans of Nuevo Mexico should feel blessed that she ain’t no Fayetteville razorback. Southern gentility stops at the banks of the Black Warrior River. Beyond that, you’re on your own, son.

Seems the Giant Tilting Vowel of the Church of the Risen Enron is a “pay it forward” bestowal, an opportunity to acknowledge other purveyors of Excellence in Blogcasting. I appreciate the sentiment and will do my own small measure of same, but I would have thought it obvious that anyone I list as one of my Blinks is already singled out as exhibiting the trait of blogcastive tilted vowel-ness.

The Tribe of SA Turtlers (props to Ms Bones for the appellation) is a fairly insular bunch, save for Ms Chrysalis, who has begun to fraternize with people of the Global South and the Global Other Time Zones. The Lady Nefarious (head of our San Antonio-West offices) is also one with a wider blog-global reach. Point being, Tribe SA could very easily end up tilt-voweling each other in swift boat fashion and be at a loss as to how to move beyond the Turtle Pond.

We’re all MacArthur genius grant winners on this bus, are we not (I hear the checks are in the mail)? So, I say E’s all round to all on my blinkroll, and while we raise our blue polycarbonate bottles of reverse osmosis water in honor of ourselves, let me say a few words about some of my fellow blinkers:

Tina Karagulian: Ms Tea is not, in truth, a blogger: she is a self-taught websiter and more importantly, The Turtle Queen, the distaff half of patina poems, and My One and Only. If living with me is not reason enough for a Tilted Vowel, then I do not know what is. Her website is a work of art (and filled with many more) and, even more importantly, her life is a work of art.

With passionate honesty, JSD of Influx Transposer brings her deep heartfelt search for God’s place in all our lives to the blogwaves. She, Wonder Woman, and their two beauties are embarked upon a journey of discovery that is an inspiration to all of us who might think life needs to get settled and over with long before that final Bluegrass Gospel Festival in the Sky. We are all blessed by their walkabout.

Ms. Bones of Bones of the Sky is embarked upon her own walkabout through the vast galaxy that is her awesome imagination. As I have told her, her unfolding Unkindness saga is so amazingly fine, so Biblical in its rhythms and power that I almost dread reading it, for fear that I may have to put down my own writer’s pen in sheer unworthiness.

Ms Lee of Chrysalis Dreams brings a great love and passion for the Art of Blogging that is an inspiration to us all. The beautiful art gallery that is her newly unveiled Chrysalis Dreamscape wonderfully matches the intensity of her quest to explore and discover and reveal the world around her.

Ms San of A Life With a View poked her nose in at the back door of my blog some months ago. We’ve cross-referenced so many aspects of our lives that I’m sure we are just a DNA-test away from finding out we are both, like Mr Brad, related to Senator Obama. Hopefully, that DNA test will also confirm that we are also the golden art-spawn of Grace Paley, Hundertwasser, Lady Bracknell, Teena Marie, and Roald Amundsen. This adopted Fey Santan and husband Bennie have created a wonderful kiva of art, family, and friends, under the gentle guidance of Trudy, their resident shaman. Shaman herself, San’s art is a Neo-Tuscan oracular cascade of her multicameral oceanic mind.

If you look elsewhere in Murat-world, you’ll find plenty of encomiums to Amy Rigby’s blog: I needn’t repeat them here.

In conclusion, let me say that Maryann Johanson’s Flick Filosopher is the only one of my Blinks to have suffered temporary exile from the roll of Tilted Vowels, after she quite rudely (and obtusely, I might add) dismissed a point I had made in response to one of her movie reviews. I’m not sure when I put her back on the roll: it was probably around the time of some marginally guilt-inducing Episcopagan holiday season. I must have been duly chastened enough to make an inventory of my transgressions and make some form of amends. I have to say that I seldom consult her anymore. I’m too busy filling up my queue for Netflix.

Love, peace, and soul (I wonder: does Don Cornelius have a blog?) to all the Tilted Vowel, unreimbursed MacArthur grant designees laboring for love out here in Blogworld.

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Blogger Lee said...

Paschal, my friend, thank you so much for that wonderful accolade. It warms my face with the joy in my heart.

I had no idea, although I shouldn't have been surprised, that you are on Netflix. While your taste is much varied from mine it has merit. Would you like to befriend each other on that website?

Peace! Hope! & Joy!

6:16 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Hey, Lee: You are most welcome. Actually, we were very late in coming to Netflix, and only as a result of a gift from my parents a few weeks ago. I'll pass on the invitation, only because it sounds like something else for me to obsess about on the humming machine. As you know, I take all trivial things very seriously. Peace and thanks.

7:41 AM  
Blogger San said...

Paschal, I am so glad I bestowed the Giant Tilting Vowel of the Church of the Risen Enron upon your Excellency. A fit made in Dante's Second Circle of Hell. A fit of exultations seizes my "multicameral oceanic mind." I reel drunkenly, in a crimson tide of pride. My eyes dart in wonder, Mary Feldman-like, over this dizzying post of celebration and praise.

One word: SHUCKS.

And your subsequent bestowees rock forcibly. I lift my blue polycarbonate bottle to every last one! CHEERS from The Land of Enchantment.

4:04 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

San, I am honored to have been so voweled. Viva los enronitas/os!!

4:35 PM  
Blogger San said...

I meant to say Marty Feldman. Not Mary Feldman. Mary Feldman is Our Patron Lady of Wandering Eyes. Marty Feldman is the dude she watches over.

4:53 PM  
Blogger San said...

And a P.S.: Remember that Kim Carnes song way back when--"Bette Davis Eyes?" Well, Bennie heard this incredible parody on the radio--"Marty Feldman Eyes."

5:26 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

I have to admit that the "Mary" Feldman reference baffled me, but like all good Scorpios, I just played like I knew who she was anyway.

Now, as for MarTy Feldman, well, the synchronistic elves have struck again: I just got finished watching Young Frankenstein with my juniors. I'll leave it to you to figure out the edifying rationalizations.

6:16 PM  

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