Friday, March 28, 2008

Wetting his

Sabatino chatter
In his googly piddle pants
Stoking the long john
Chipmunking embarrassment in
Unilateral polarity
He dimes the beagles
Shunts the rhymes
Pretty boy philosophical in a doo
April was his cruelest month
When she wasn’t dithering—
Transatlantic, lethal,
Extramarital splash.

Bad boy’s hard to swallow
Scoop for scam
Remarkably deficient
I know him too well
Shag-o-busta conflagration
Have ya seen the mug?
Chuckie P mus be wetting
His spliff something terrible
So sad
Occidental mass
Pulitzer spritzer
Ergonomic blitzer
Alfred Hitchcock Orbital
After the sponge cake
After the vroom vroom
It’s an oh so mighty
battle of wits, sir.

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