Saturday, October 13, 2007

My New Best Friend

Wreckless Eric ( I have no real idea why, but I've just spent an hour or so snarfing around in his archives, so he is now one of my right margin BLINKS. The world probably won't be a better place if we all tune in, but it certainly won't be any worse: Scotch on the rocks or raw tofu or English Peas or remaindered Carpenters or ____________ (insert your own acquired taste). If you're looking for the "thread," its immediate predecessors were The Proclaimers, The Monkees, and Stranger Than Fiction. Just preceding that thread were Ruthann Friedmann, Subud, Jo Mapes, We Five, Peter (no, not Jorma) Kaukonen, and me last blerg. It's called resting: it's the Sabbath.

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