Wednesday, August 01, 2007


From WHERE DO WE STAND? (A Background Paper on Gay & Lesbian Inclusion in the Episcopal Church, compiled by Susan Russell):

In our tradition, priests and bishops have the authority to pronounce God’s blessing within the community of faith. They do so not by their own power, but as instruments of the grace (blessing) of God within the Church. Their authority to bless, too, finds its meaning in the two great Sacraments.

When the Church chooses “to bless” something it is declaring that this particular person or persons or thing is a gift/blessing from God and his/her/its/their purpose is to live in (or, in the case of things, to assist in) covenanted relationship with God (and with all creation), i.e., to bless God in return.

To bless the relationship between two men or two women is to do this very thing: to declare that this relationship is a blessing from God and that its purpose is to bless God, both within the context of the community of faith. If the Church believes that same-sex relationships show forth God’s blessing when they are lived in fidelity, mutuality, and unconditional love, then this blessing must be owned and celebrated and supported in the community of faith.

[Those italics are mine. They do not do so by their own power: those words ring loudest.]

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murat11, thank you...there's more I'd like to say but am finding it hard to articulate my thoughts, and I'm trying not to cry cause I'm at work.

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