Thursday, February 01, 2007

[HoneyEleven: For Passion Osprey]

Savor the flavors spun down years
Torn from books cooked
In sauces for nought and the naughtier
Cries of bliss cries of bodied
Kalligraphy cries of tumerics
Yellow will her
Daring of the souls inventions
A better heart sees
Racing for no cover
Kured in the bodys juices the bodys
Whale of resurrected bone
I am the one who whispers
Laughter is my other sign
Down your aprils down your
Flights to rios of the mountains heart
Left to fend for passion
Osprey soul
Will hover crashing Loves waters
Hunger is its own best friend
Over the mountain of sexual
Nurture even as the souls
Etched fire
Yields not.

One of 25 acrostics written between 1998-2000, for the chapbook "stickydark." The recurring acrostic down the left margin: stickydarkwildflowerhoney

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