Friday, January 26, 2007


I don’t think I’ve actually been inside the lighthouse
Light visions of fiscal mirth

Ancient of daze, ancient of the roundhouse mooch
Rimbaud in the afterhaze of visual streaming

Fog that fills the afterwave
Allegiance pledged on the roadways

Allegations on the floating bus
Yellow maze of labyrinthine pleasure

I do not get the fish, I do not get the flavor
When the walls come down, vision splinters

Java beans, java anvils, java tanks
We are the big boys now, playing in big boy dreams

Ask not, want not
You may think, that I think, that our love is through

But I think, that our thinking
—the thinking man’s Quandary:
Thirteen stripes of aftershave

I am a disco person
In the days of the Holy Ghost

In the blaze of the Very Most
High. How do you actually give…tours?

“There are instructions. There’s a menu.”
And then you wave.

I’ve told people I want a tour, but
No one will give one to me.

My penguin is only 44 days old.


Blogger jsd said...

I really like this wording and what it envokes for me:
"I am a disco person
In the days of the Holy Ghost

In the blaze of the Very Most

I wonder what the penguin is that is only 44 dyas it something just given birth to? Why a penguin? Penguins don't fly, hmmm.

9:35 AM  
Blogger murat11 said...


Thanks for the words. Ah, the penguin. For a fair amount of my poetry, a good question is just where the hell was he when he wrote this thing. In the case of Quandary, I was in the midst of 4 middle-schoolers discussing a game involving penguins: apparently, 45 days old was the "turning point" for more privileges. Danger of revealing too much behind the curtain.

I had been laboriously attempting to construct a poem about Rimbaud for most of the week; Friday I found myself chomping at the bit to let loose, to hell with my best laid plans. More often than not, I am attempting to capture a rolling wave of sound and rhythm, with plenty of repetitions. If meaning emerges, so be it, but it (for me) is always of secondary importance.

Peace and rave on from the westside.

5:41 PM  

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