Saturday, January 13, 2007

Noo Goo

The Muses be rumblin' again: poetry for the next 12 weeks at WSSA: seems time for low-maintenance show and tell. Here's what's been rumbling so far.

[You are music nazi now leave]

You are music nazi now leave
Will you bring my headphones
I keep thinking it’s third period

Mouse—mouse is not a word
But if I capitalize it,
Is it jay and silent bob?

No, it’s boo boo kitty truck
I just fixed it
After the gold rush of your smitten dreams.

[jividen road trip]

She’s probably taking her sweet time
Suing taco bell
All the jalapeño blunders, sweet
Mystic rednecks in fifty urban flavors
Suing since time immemorial sweetly
Singing, sweetly the aftermath
Sweetly the calculus of schmooze.


It’s more
not less
that we need

the salad dressing
is curdling
and I have
more patience

with it.


greed beats her frozen lottery—
a place known by its hard farrow,
words that start a red mist
down in the belly of your marrow—
looming sound, glare of red moss,
this home, this virgin shirt, this
redness all round.


He attended:

Why was I an alcoholic she left behind?

“Yesterday I saw him”

catching a glimpse—

a better arithmetic—

actors who look like me between the pages.

Can students predominate?

We paint and are weakly understood.

I see you: does it matter?

[funky shrk: up and down the social ladder]

Brown man feels good in his bio grafia
Scorpio tango man
Ark of nothing boat for the water
ship out on the FOAM

electric light blues and funk
shrkskin english hurricane polished chrome tar
Italian opera-man doing splits
Mannish boy—

Bolster this hip, famous flame
Symposium of shatterdome
boca negra sex machine eucharistic springtime
man made the trains

had his Ferrari’s clutch
dismantled and realized
always tellin’ him to go
take off their fancy—

[global chorizo and fresh celery day]

Coarsely chopped fatty
cheeks seldom encountered
in Europe, rather than chopped
at least 3 centimeters.

Random armed minions,
deep reddish color,
generally known as foo fat
in the skillet.

Two ingredients blend:
longanizas can also be made
(or even tuna)—
consumers are not always aware.

Be terribly spicy.
After the sixth disappointing
third place finish,
extensive tourism.

Among others,
Lucbán is known as
St. Isidore the Farmer;
Lemon Bay, the name of the author
of the unusual crime.

Hat Mystery most priggish,
Double, Double,
Apium graveolens dulce, AND
Falconer-made rhombics—

white cultivars most crisp and tender:

Pascal celery after the stagnation of winter.

and a collaboration with some of the kids:

[Just Randomness Messy]

Automatic external defibulator
It’s anything you want it to be
I have a wardrobe with an orange robe
It smells like my ex-boyfriend good
Casey’s naked
& eating parsimonious marshmallows
In the shower
With crunchy marshmallows
& Lucky charms
Slightly burnt (that melt in your mouth sexily)
I sing naked…………………….in the shower (be nice)
Top flight: red fish blue fish
One fish two fish
The toughest leather
Monkey pants at the taco stand
We don’t want no fajitas
Honey Bunny
It’s King Kong in the truck
Transformers—more than meets the eye
Robots’ sweet disguise.

[Stephanie / Danielle / Jacob / Pascal / Casey / JD / Rachel]

shouts to Mr Brown (1933-2006)


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These are all wonderfully delicious. Keep the runmblings coming.

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