Saturday, January 01, 2011

poem: you do answer

get your big bib on
down to Big Bib's Bar-B-Q

fusticate your druthers

in the drip dry honey

trees, fishy sauce

that ego on up the traces

a simple quandary bears

fruity fruit only when

the casual gambler

arrays self to gnome &

gnome to the past tense

the oliebollen of revelry

will paste your gluten

free pasta jones

to the cheechy maritimes.

henry morgan down the royal

way, his bib no bigger

than Big Bibby's &

Mr Tim's broadcast

liver & onions on

the presa way, it's cruelty

in a cruel-free zone

the armpits of renewal

congeal around

the obsessions of


whatever you do

answer all your doors in

all your bibs

the big show is callin'

she be the ever

you never

had the predilections for

grooving, anthem girl

in the back seat,

a sublime misgiving

the very giving

in the drawing rooms

the plastic forties

seraphim of equal splendor

your hindenberg's in the closet

foaming up the left-over

yous, feeling the rest

of the puzzle,

nuzzling the monty doors

& all they goats.



Blogger Dee Martin said...

love the line "cruelty in a cruel-free zone" - I think we should have signs to post around school...much more effective than drug free I would think.
I think I would like to put my bib on and taste some oliebolen with the gnomes and the quandary bears too but not in THOSE cheechy maritimes. Where is that picture? Cali?
Love all the bibs too. Must be some messy eaters...
Trying to catch up on reading :)

6:17 AM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Dee: There's a new BBQ place just up the road from us: Big Bib's. It was yanking on me for a poem every time I drove by. The picture is actually of a flooded bus lot in New Orleans, after Katrina.

5:47 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Love the big bibs, and the arm pits of renewal congealing around crusted and dried gruel. And mammoth bib overalls in the closets bloating up with congealed grease from too many ribs and floating up like a Hindenburg until Bill Grogan's goat eats them off the line...

A big hello from Hong Kong!

3:48 AM  

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