Monday, November 24, 2008

All Manner of Vermin

(Ah. Thanksgiving Monday...)

Mr. Calvin gave it to us first, in Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat.


01. DRiED-ouT CaTsuP oN tHE BottLE RiM.
02. Toast CRuMBs iN tHE ButtER.
03. MusHY BaNaNas.
04. WoRMs oN tHE siDEWaLK.
05. sKiN oN PuDDiNG.
06. MaKiNG a HaND GestuRE foR QuotatioN MaRKs.
07. RaisiNs.

And Hobbes offers: "How about 'excessively negative people?'"
Calvin: "Yeah, that's a good one." Then, after a few beats: "HEY!"

Mr. Baby, lover of all things CaLViN and HobbEs, must get in on the action with his:

14 Things that bug me:

01. Cold hommos (hummus, to you non-Armenians) with no paprika.
02. Jelly touching my eggs.
03. The smell of dog barf. (I told him it was going on the blog. "So?")
04. When I smell a bad fart under the covers.
05. TV reruns.
06. Homework.
07. Fast weekends.
08. Gnats.
09. Toast crumbs in the butter.
10. Soggy cookies.
11. Loopy girly letters.
12. The Jonas Brothers.
13. High School Musical (1, 2, 3, 65).
14. 21st century Musicals.

No surprise, ever-prowling for materia bloggia, I offer AN IRKSOME TEN:

01. Unjustified margins.
02. Short stories with "Story" as the title.
03. Comic Sans used by anyone over the age of two. (Yes, even then it bugs me.)
04. Lately, Blogger's ghosts in the machine.
05. Root beer floats (black cows) with "scoops" of ice cream. That glass should be packed with ice cream.
06. Radio stations that lop off the awesome guitar solo at the end of "Black Magic Woman."
07. Posed pictures.
08. That, if alone in the car, I will actually sing along with the Archies' "Sugar, Sugar."
09. u for you; OMG for Oh My Grapefruit.
10. The absence of Mary in the Episcopal Church.



Blogger anno said...

Unjustified margins? Oh, man, you are unreasonable. I'll take unjustified (at least an unjustified right margin) over text that's stretched to fit the line any time, any time at all. I'm totally with you on the rootbeer floats, though.

12:38 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

anno: I hear you on the margins: old skool justifieds looked like crap, but the science of margining (or margarining) has improved. A three word sentence justified, I'm with you. Right-aligned poems are pretty cool, too.

At least we're together on the bigger issues of the day, the floating libations. Actually, as we both know, ours do NOT float, nor do we want them to.

3:09 PM  
Blogger alister said...

I have that blessed C&H book! It’s packed away somewhere. Oh gosh, remember the snowmen? And tormenting Susie? Oh, man, it don’ git much better’n ‘at! Paschal and Son came close on that looong-fingered Liszt, but...

6:43 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Lady A: In truth, my lizst sucked, compared to los dos bambinos, just my usual generic curmudgeonly peevishness. Of course, Calvin did manage to snag raisins before I could, and sorry, Cal, but skin on pudding is the BEST part of pudding: boy's never had a decent flan, is my guess. 1, 2, 6, and 11 of mijo's list (and the accompanying disdain in his voice) were my favorites.

7:02 PM  

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