Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[baronesses swaying]

printed pair,
vast renunciations
out of the mouth of babes—
inward realing,
sex before the nether.
annunciation after the fall,
incalculable error, this
river beyond last hope—
I fish for eyes, I fish for
terror, I fish the endangered
climes. Call the bliss of
folderol, call the vagrant
heart, You oh
so professional and tidy, you
oh so not of the seventh ward,
you oh so sexy character apples,
entwined by gibbous moons,
conjured by twilight intermediaries.
vacillating isabellas cry read me &
we are all beyond the pale,
exquisitely terminated,
prescient deserts, cash
for Buddha,
quiver of nacreous incessance:
climb down the trees,
ye tumbling baronesses,
swaying in occlusion,
the occluded font,
abysmal fondue,
categorical denial,
veritable trigger-finger
calamitous drift.
We pray thee,
We worship thee,
We devise thee
In triplicate.

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