Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cinco x Cinco

Found this “5 x 5” prompt at House of Lime, one of San’s commenters. Seasonal fun.

5 Favorite Christmas Movies:

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
2. We’re No Angels (DeNiro/Penn)
3. White Christmas (for Kaye more than Bing)
4. Fanny and Alexander
5. Love, Actually

5 Favorite Christmas Songs

1. Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat (sung by mi bambino)
2. Barandgrill (Joni Mitchell)
3. River (Joni Mitchell)
4. What Sweeter Music (The Cambridge Singers)
5. Cheech and Chong "I Played with That Dude, Man"

5 Christmas Memories

1. That beautiful Madonna and Child, in the candy lit cave in the trees on Bridal Path, Austin.
2. The discovery of the psychedelic wonder of Austin’s 37th Street.
3. Christmas Eve trek into the lunar glory of West Texas, on the way to my own private Idaho, New Orleans long long gone from my rearview mirror, into the near radiolessness of a black black night—the ONLY radio voice that comes blaring through is—que dice?—Buddy Diliberto from, yup, the River City.
4. The Christmas scenes in my first novel, Scarred Angels.
5. University of the Incarnate Word, Say-town, Christmas light-clad (yes, clad), champagne drinking reveler on Broadway.

5 Favorite Christmas Cookies (this will have to be 5 Favorite Christmas Foods)

1. Amy’s Ice Cream, 37th Street Special: Mexican Vanilla ice cream, with the fixin’s chopped in: dark chocolate chunks, pecans, and strawberries.
2. Champagne and King Cake from La Madeleine.
3. Tiramisu, after an Andrea’s feast in New Orleans.
4. Tamales, comono.
5. Any Armenian food set before me.

5 Favorite Christmas Specials

1. Babar and Father Christmas, with the wonderful Rataxis.
2. Charlie Brown, natch.
3. Not mine, but certainly Madonna and Child’s: The Heat and Snow Miser special.
4. Okay, the Grinch (said the Grinch).
5. ? and the Mysterians, singing 96 Tears. (You’re right: I completely ran out of ideas: You’re gonna cry, cry , cry, cry…)

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Blogger alt said...

Holy baby in the manger, Batman! I totally remember Rataxis! Nostalgia alert, nostalgia alert. :-d

12:45 PM  
Blogger murat11 said...

Rataxis rocks. My alter ego, or maybe just my ego altogether. Happy Celesteville!

1:34 PM  

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