Tuesday, July 10, 2007

100 Words


I know where you are. I know where you are. Out into the day, out into the afterday, out into the netherworlds, the fashions of ivory science. Across to Bombay, the night is blue, the rivers jade, the mountains smoke. Guitar sings, the hill country calls, alexanders call the crescent moons. This is where, this is why, I know where you are. Received from those, received from plenty, received in red, I know where, I know where, I know where you are.

Standing alone, Congress and the river, Congress and I know, I know where, I know where you are.


The fuzz is back, casting windward, sunflowers in the North Pasture. Where are they, these days of forgiveness? Walk north through trees of sunbright, windmill calling its tune, high cumulus off the gulf, drifting in the new world of the foothills. I know where you are.

Walk higher, the middens call. Where were we when we weren’t? Where were we in the difference between blue and green? Ask later, ask after the day explodes. Ask when grief finds you and the stranglehold dies. I will pass. We will pass. I know where. You are. Without a dream in my heart.

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