Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Here's the gist(s), then. "Quite Confounded By This Mutiny" was a sophomore English assignment: we'd read Shakespeare's dreadful Julius Caesar, then watched the modernization of Macbeth in the film Scotland, PA. The assignment was to write a modernized version of JC. Ho-hum.

"Shadows on the Wall" was a middle school Language Arts assignment: write a piece featuring one of the other significant characters in Stephen Donaldson's novella Daughter of Regals. Someone other than the narrator Chrysalis. I chose to create a childhood story about Mage Scour, Queen Damia's mage.

I think I have one more story assignment for my other middle schoolers. That should be about all the blood I can squeeze out of the turnips. The Natives (and their Keeper) are restless...

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